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Pig & Boar Fencing

Salinas Valley Barb Wire specializes in pig exclusion fencing for residential, commercial, agriculture, government agencies, land trusts and more.


We have developed a specific fence design to keep wild pigs out. We have installed more than 35 miles of wild boar exclusion fencing throughout Central California and more specific in the Santa Lucia Preserve and Santa Lucia Conservancy, along with other projects throughout the Salinas Valley. If you’re a homeowner, we can build a fence that protects your yard and pets from wild pigs while not blocking your views. From wood to pipe posts to custom cattle and pig guards for driveways and entrances, we can build a fence that is right for you and your home. 


If you’re a farmer, we’re sure you understand the need for food safety fencing and having to keep the pigs, deer and other animals out of your crop. Wild pigs and other animals have been linked to E. coli and plenty of farmers have had to disc under their crops due to animals entering the field.

This is becoming more and more common for a food safety inspector to have a farmer disc up produce because of animal tracks through their fields. 

Salinas Valley Barb Wire can be available to do an emergency fence installation in the matter of days if pigs are currently getting into fields, crops or vineyards. 

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