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We’ve been building fences and everything in between for the past 20 years.
General contractor, Erick Meyenberg,

owner of Bayview Construction created

Salinas Valley Barb Wire in 2021 after the devastating California Wildfires in Monterey County in 2020.

The demand for fence rebuild was high and we were up and willing for the job.

Steep, tough, hard to access terrain is no problem for us, we can get the job done.


As of summer 2023, we have built over 200 miles of barb wire fence for 70 ranches, parks & farmers, in mostly rugged and steep mountain terrain.


As well as 1 working cattle corral with alley & squeeze, 27,200' of woven wire fence and constructed a 58' x 60' metal and other type of buildings. 

Salinas Valley Barbwire works for:

  • Farmers

  • Cattle Ranchers

  • Vineyards

  • Land Owners

  • Conservancies

  • Land Trust's

  • Local and State Parks

  • Local

  • Federal Government Agencies and more...

     If you have a fence to build,

                     that's what we do,

                                  build fence!


As of Fall 2023,

we have built over 11 miles of

5’ non climb horse fence with top rail.

200+ miles of barbwire, 6 sets of corrals,

5 water projects including 16 concrete water troughs and 4- 5,000 gal water tanks, a 100’x200’ riding arena with footing and 5 rail fencing.

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